Smoking Cessation

We are all aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. These are the main risks to health:

  1. Lung damage. Smoking cigarettes affects lung health because a person breathes in not only nicotine but also a variety of additional chemicals.
  2. Heart disease. Smoking cigarettes can damage the heart, blood vessels, and blood cells. 
  3. Fertility problems. Smoking cigarettes can damage a female’s reproductive system and make it more difficult to get pregnant.
  4. Risk of pregnancy complications. Smoking can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy and reduce the baby’s birth weight.
  5. Risk of type 2 diabetes. Smoking can also make it more difficult for people with diabetes to manage their condition.

There are also of course the financial implications of smoking.It would however be naiive to think that giving up smoking is an easy decision to make because Nicotine is a highly addictive drug.

The number of 18 to 34-year-olds who classed themselves as smokers increased by a quarter, from 21.5% to 26.8%, says Cancer Research UK during the recent Lockdown.The data does not explain why the changes occurred but experts believe many turned to cigarettes in response to stress.At the same time, heavy drinking increased across adults of all ages.The findings, published in the journal Addiction, come from monthly surveys, each involving hundreds of people, about tobacco and alcohol use.Researchers compared the responses given in the seven months prior to the first lockdown in spring 2020 with those given during it.Based on population estimates for England, the findings suggest an extra 652,000 young adults were smoking, compared with before the pandemic, say researchers.The data also suggests the pandemic may have been a trigger for many smokers, including young adults, to think about attempting to quit tobacco. (this information has been taken from Smoking surge in young during Covid lockdown – BBC News

Using hypnotherapy, it is much easier to stop smoking.


Any smoker knows it is extremely difficult to simply stop smoking and go cold turkey.

I hear many smokers who have stopped say that even though they have stopped smoking they still see themselves as smokers and still want to smoke.

My method helps the client to become a non-smoker. The idea is to visualise yourself as a non-smoker. This means building a positive image as a non-smoker in the subconscious of your future self – this reinforces your view of yourself as a non-smoker.
For more information see the ‘Our services’ section; there are also downloads available should you wish to try to quit using a support audio version.  Remember, you are not alone, I am here to support you to reverse your addiction and break your mental dependence on smoking.

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