Why You Shouldn’t Have To Live With Stress

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of being stressed. Stress is a state of mind that developed over millions of years of evolution, as a way of telling us to take action in high-pressure situations.

It forms part of a ‘fight or flight’ response and is supposed to motivate us into dealing with threatening situations. But this doesn’t mean stress is a good thing.

It’s true that if we didn’t feel the pressures of risky scenarios, many of us would lead less interesting lives. However, stress is only useful up to a point.

If it helped our hunter gatherer ancestors to escape unharmed from predators – it’s a good thing.

If stress seems to rule our lives, over days, weeks or months, if it causes physical and mental strain and actually has the opposite effect to what it should – that is, it demotivates us – then it is definitely not a good thing!

Many people, when they think about it, would say that stress has a big negative impact on their lives. The thing is that we often don’t see it that way.

We’re implicitly taught that being stressed is a good thing, as we should always be striving for more – a bigger salary, more friends, a better car, a spouse and a family.

These are things that might not even bring you happiness – but the message we get from other people and from the media is that if you don’t constantly strive for more, and wear yourself out in the process, you’re doing everything wrong. If you’re content with where you are in life, you’re not doing enough.

But why should you work towards a better paying job if it will make you miserable, and you’re happy with the one you have?

Letting go of things that don’t matter takes a lot of stress out of your daily routines, and allows you to enjoy your life more fully.

So for many of us, far from being a motivating force, the pressures of life are actually holding us back.

And with stress comes physical side effects such as heart problems, and mental and emotional problems – such as depression and a lower feeling of self-worth.

Despite its powerful effect on our lives, it doesn’t have to take a long time to work through the problem with hypnotherapy. It could take as little as three or four session to find and resolve the root cause of your stress. If you’ve never undergone hypnosis before it may sound difficult but not only is it easy and relaxing, but you will feel the benefits very quickly as your health and outlook improve drastically.

Relieving stress with a top Swansea hypnotherapy specialist could be the key to unlocking what you’ve always wanted, so why not take the plunge!

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