Weight Control

Weight control through hypnotherapy is effective but needs to be targeted to each individual while retaining certain set parameters that will be needed in all cases. The number of sessions will vary from three to six; normally four sessions work. Underneath is a typical script that will be used early in the treatment path. It gives a flavour of what to expect.

Your new found confidence in yourself is going to make it easier and easier for you to lose weight… as you begin to recognise the great truth that taking control of your eating habits is to take control of yourself… and that being in control of yourself allows you to be in control of your life… and being in control of your life makes it easy for you to achieve whatever you want to achieve… it’s only necessary to want to do something and know how to do it, in order to be able to do it, and we can all decide to do whatever we want to do… we all have free choice… so that where it has seemed in the past that there were things you could not do, you will begin to recognise that these things were nothing more than things you would not do…. and now you recognise this, you can decide for yourself whether to do those things or not… you can simply decide to do these things, or not to do these things… and as you exercise your right of free choice to decide for yourself the things you want to do and the things you do not want to do, so your sense of self worth, your self-respect grows day by day… day by day becoming stronger and more powerful… day by day allowing you to be as you truly want to be… because you recognise fully now that whatever other people think about you is a product of their own thoughts, their own lives, their attitudes… and sometimes you might be misjudged, as we all are sometimes… but when others misjudge you, it’s simply their own error of judgement, their mistake, and whatever that mistake is, whatever they think they see, is based upon their lives, their attitudes, their fears and worries and hopes…. nothing more than their own thoughts… and you’re not responsible for those things… and it doesn’t alter the facts, it doesn’t alter the real you… because you know your true worth, your true integrity… and you don’t mind people making mistakes sometimes… so that as you exercise your determination, your own free will, to do the things that you know will… slowly but steadily help you to lose weight, you find your sense of self worth increasing with every pound of body weight that you lose… because every pound of body weight that disappears is evidence of your ability to take charge of your life, to take charge of yourself… and you’re going to find it easy to lose weight at a minimum of 1lb each and every week… most of the time, because your body is efficient and you know exactly how to help it, you’ll lose more than that… 3… 4… maybe even 5lbs a week, but always, always, that absolute minimum of one pound each and every week…

And as you slowly but steadily lose weight, so you’ll begin to find yourself increasingly delighted with the way you look… beginning to regain that youthful figure and shape… just knowing inside yourself that you deserve to look good, it’s OK to look good, OK to be slim in all those places where you really want to be slim, should be slim, deserve to be slim… because you recognise fully now that the way for you to feel really good about yourself is to be in control of your life… in control of your eating habits… in control of yourself… in control… now and well on into the future… so that you can easily achieve your target weight and size… the new eating habits that you’re already beginning to establish are going to make it easy for you achieve and maintain that target weight and size… and then your sense of well being and self-worth, your feelings of self-respect, will be equalled only by your feelings of energy, vitality and well-being.

The individual’s own circumstance is always considered and built upon. CDs and leaflets are also included to accelerate the process.