Stress Relief

Stress relief is the most natural use of hypnosis. It can be applied to stress in all forms. This could be manifested as panic attacks, upset stomachs (IBS), inability to perform (in sport, business or sexually). The hypnotherapeutic approach is first to discover the cause of the stress. The therapist then is able to address the problem in a way specific to the individual. Sometimes the reasons for our responses are not obvious and may have occurred many years before or are very obvious but the client can’t change without help. Even in extreme situations 3-4 sessions resolve the stressful situation for the client. The client will finish the programme with self help techniques and CDs to give them the resources to stop stress affecting their lives in the future.

Sports people are able to improve their performance dramatically using hypnotherapeutic methods. I have helped people gain promotions, gain investment for their business all because their performance in interviews or presentations improved. I have also helped males over come erectile dysfunction and females regain sex drives. All stress can be over come by a few sessions.