Phobias are exaggerations of natural means to protect what the subconscious produces by magnifying its normal protective use. For example, it would be natural to be cautious of a barking dog; it could cause us harm. The subconscious naturally protects us by getting us to avoid the dog but if a stimulus causes us to panic when we hear a bark or even see a picture of a dog then we are having an uncontrolled phobic response. Hypnosis is used to discover the reason for this exaggerated response and then with the help of the client, change the response to a more normal and natural response.

Normally this process takes 2-3 sessions of an hour to 90 minutes. The first session discovers reasons for the phobia then subsequent sessions deal with and eliminate the problem using various techniques. Phobias that have debilitated clients for 20 years can be changed in 3 sessions.

The end to fear of spiders, dogs, confined spaces, heights etc. can be eliminated in 3 sessions. This all happens in a safe way for the client. There is no exposure to the fear; all is done in the safety of the trance.

What ever the problem, we can help you…

Based in Pontardawe but other venues available including home visits.

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