This is first blog from 8thsensehypnotherapy.co.uk. I’d like to start by saying something about hypnotherapy, hypnotherapists and hypnotism. Hypnotism is all things around putting a subject into trance. A misconception around trance is that a person can be made to do things in trance that they would not do outside trance. This is not true; you are always in control. The person who quacks like a duck wants to do it, that subject finds the practice not threatening. This is NOT what hypnotherapy is about. Hypnotherapy enables you to change your behaviour for you! Hypnotherapy is all about YOU. Some people want to stop smoking. This is hard but through my work with the smoker they become a non-smoker. They change their view of smoking with regard to themselves the stop seeing themselves as smokers. People who suffer stress or confidence issues change their self image by visualising themselves differently. Sportspeople are great to work with as they have an idea of how to focus and visualise and are half way there before we start.

The hypnotherapist has and important role to play. You need to trust or even like the hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist needs to communicate the process concisely to the client/patient. The hypnotherapist needs good solid knowledge from reputable training bases but most of all the hypnotherapist has to be professional. Hypnotherapy changes lives and there is a great onus on the hypnotherapist to communicate this to the client.

I gain great satisfaction from my practice in Pontardawe, Swansea and surrounding areas but realise that I am only there to direct the change and help the client, the main change come from within the client themselves.

Have a look on You Tube at Tooth Removal under Hypnosis; Truly remarkable


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