How Your Fixed Ideas From The Past Affect Your Future

Many people come to seek hypnotherapy because of habits that they feel unable to conquer by themselves, whether it’s social anxiety, an addiction or compulsion or a lack of motivation or drive. It almost doesn’t matter what the problem is – if there’s a psychological component, hypnotism could be the key that makes all the difference in your day to day life.

Almost every part of our personality – our values, attitudes and behaviours – are based in some way on our pasts. It should be no surprise that past experience affects the future, but you might be shocked to realise the extent to which it occurs.

When we say ‘past experience’, we’re not just talking about traumatic experiences as you might think – but merely people you’ve met, places you’ve been and media you’ve consumed, as they all have a bearing on who you are today, for better or for worse.

Whenever you encounter a new situation, you analyse it through the lens of your experience. Your actions and behaviour are different from anyone else’s, and they’re different from day to day, from year to year.

And if unwanted behaviour can be said to result from your past experiences, that means it’s learned and can therefore be un-learned.

A better lifestyle comes about when your outlook changes, and that is one of the main things that hypnotism can achieve.

For example, let’s say you are called upon to give a presentation for a room full of strangers. Your reaction might be one of fear. Thoughts that may come to you include ‘I can’t do it. I will get nervous. Last time I spoke in front of people, I hated it.’

These sentiments are all based on past experiences, even though at the time you think them they seem like objective fact. And what’s more, they’re self-fulfilling. So if you believe there’s no way you can do it, that’s a quick way to pretty much guarantee that you will fail.

Setting out with real self-belief and confidence, on the other hand, is the key to success in your career, relationships or whatever other aspect of your life needs to see positive change.

Changing these learned ideas that hold us back throughout life doesn’t have to be painful, drawn out or exhausting. It definitely takes a lot of willpower to go through it alone, but with the support of a hypnotherapist, you can make the changes needed.

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