These are anonymised due to the sensitive nature of the content. All records are anonymous and have codes to prevent any identification of clients.

Henry, 36, has three children, was happily married, and worked as a manager having responsibility for over 90 people. Henry was brought to me on a Saturday afternoon having suffered a major panic attack at a local leisure resort. It was in August and he had visited the resort with a group of family and friends. One of his friends had used a wheel chair to get him out of the park to a car and had rung me from the car. The friend had then brought him to my clinic straight from the resort. Henry was in an extreme panic state. I was able to relax him enough to progress with a trance induction. While Henry was in trance I was able to work on some relaxation techniques to begin his recovery process. After the trance we discussed the pattern of Henry’s syndrome. I then worked with Henry and made a plan to resolve Henry’s problem. The next session was three days later, a Monday. I discussed Henry’s current state with him. It was a Monday and Henry only had his attacks on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. I put Henry into trance and did a regression letting Henry’s subconscious search for a trigger point for Henry’s problem. After coming out of the trance Henry was able to relate that while in trace he had returned to his childhood; around 10 years of age. At this time his parents were drinking heavily and leaving their three children alone on Friday and Saturday nights leaving Henry in charge. The next session took place 3 days later and involved Henry regressing in trance to a time when he was able speak to his 10 year old self and thank him for doing a good job of looking after him and his brothers. Henry was able to leave his worries in the past and get on with his life. He immediately recovered and was able to enjoy the weekends that had become a nightmare to him. He is now living the life he wanted. He works hard during the week but is then able to enjoy fun filled weekends with his family.

A lady of 38 rang to say she was off work suffering with stress. She only said she had split from her boyfriend and was feeling down. She came to my clinic a few days later. I was able to uncover that she had gone on holiday with a man she had been seeing for about 5 months. Before the holiday he’d seemed kind and loving although she’d said he sometimes seemed to be possessive in his attitude. He didn’t like her spending time with friends and family but this had not affected their relationship. On the second night of the holiday the boyfriend, who she had described as large and muscular had beaten and raped her. This continued through the first week until she was able to get a flight home and escape from him. The country they were in was a Third World country and she had been unable to get help locally. On returning to this country she sought help from her GP who had prescribed anti-depressants but had given her only 10 minutes of her time. She had few close friends and felt unable to speak to family members about her experience. We began our sessions by working in trance on letting go of the trauma. By the third session I’d decided to use a technique called EMDR, this involves the use of left to right stimulation of the brain. Light, sound and/or tactile methods can be used. EMDR is used for trauma with soldiers and other service personnel. It can also be used for civilians who have suffered trauma. After the third and fourth session where I’d used a combination of trance stimulation and EMDR my client was able to return to work and go back to live in her home. We did a fifth session to help her visualise future events in a positive light. After six weeks she met with me and she had completely transformed. She had cleared the traumatic memory and was enjoying her work more than ever. She worked in a caring profession and is now looking to embark on a master’s degree and had also improved her relationship with her family.

was approached by the coach of a young athlete who had been experiencing an unexpected dip in form. At the first meeting we discussed his situation and did a content free search which allowed his subconscious to find the reason for his dip in form. It was apparent that the dip in form coincided by some interference by the young athlete’s father who had been a minor sportsman himself. Over the next three weeks we worked on visualisations, the use of anchors to give the youth a focal point for his competition and some exercises to improve his concentration. After three weeks he won an event that allowed him to gain a scholarship he wanted. The most remarkable part of this process was that in trance he visualised himself as Michael Johnson and then on the track emulated Johnson’s particular style. His anchor/trigger was the call of his race; at this point and not before all his energies were focused on the race to the exclusion of the crowd, opponents and even the weather. He continues to develop and explore his physical potential but is now in another country on a scholarship.

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