How You Can Benefit From Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis is a fantastic way of working through your weaknesses and any problems in your life. We think you get the very best treatment potential from face-to-face sessions, but we also acknowledge these are not for everyone.

When so many people have constraints on their free time and disposable income, many people find it is simply not possible or practical to attend multiple regular hypnosis appointments.

Even the most flexible therapist cannot work with everyone’s schedule. Luckily, it’s not difficult to anyone to perform self-hypnosis with the use of recordings.

Recordings have some obvious advantages over hypnosis in person, the main one obviously being that it can be done at any time, no matter where the patient is or what else they may be doing.

Some people may also be more comfortable directing their own therapy…and since therapy is all about taking control over more aspects of your own life, this means hypnosis recordings will very probably prove to have a major positive effect on your habits and behaviour!

On our site you can find downloadable hypnosis sessions for all of the areas in which we specialise, from smoking cessation to IBS treatment. By loading these onto your phone, iPod or computer, you can listen almost anywhere, whenever it suits you.

However you should take care when listening to hypnosis recordings. Remember that during a session, you will become more drowsy and open to suggestion.

What that means is that you should never put a recording on while you are driving, operating machinery, bathing or cooking. In fact, you should avoid listening to a hypnosis recording in any circumstance where it would be unsafe to fall asleep.

For best results, make yourself comfortable in a chair or bed, with headphones on and your phone silenced. Find a time when you have no immediate commitments or distractions so that you can relax and focus fully on the tape. The text for each session here on the site has more detailed instructions about use.

We’ve talked about the advantages of recordings in this post, but remember that with a one on one session, you will be better supported through your therapy by a professional. Your therapy will also be tailored to your exact needs, comprising different kinds of exercises, approaches and a greater or smaller number of sessions as appropriate. Recordings are great for those who can’t make it to appointments, but for the best kind of therapy out there, drop by our Swansea hypnosis clinic.

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