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Why You Shouldn’t Have To Live With Stress

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of being stressed. Stress is a state of mind that developed over millions of years of evolution, as a way of telling us to take action in high-pressure situations.

It forms part of a ‘fight or flight’ response and is supposed to motivate us into dealing with threatening situations. But this doesn’t mean stress is a good thing.

It’s true that if we didn’t feel the pressures of risky scenarios, many of us would lead less interesting lives. However, stress is only useful up to a point.

If it helped our hunter gatherer ancestors to escape unharmed from predators – it’s a good thing.

If stress seems to rule our lives, over days, weeks or months, if it causes physical and mental strain and actually has the opposite effect to what it should – that is, it demotivates us – then it is definitely not a good thing!

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The Mental Side To Weight Loss

Most of us can think of something we’d like to change about ourselves. It could be a simple habit like worrying too much, or it could be something more visible like excessive weight gain. Whatever your own perceived flaw might be, there’s a good chance that if remedied, your health, happiness and general outlook on… Continue Reading