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Swansea hypnotherapy practitioner Will Lord is the lead practitioner at 8th SENSE LTD.   Will has successfully treated hundreds of clients at our hypnotherapy practice, helping them lose weight, stop smoking, make lifestyle changes, improve sports performance and improve relxation.

Will explains:

"I see clients at my treatment room in Pontardawe, but I can also visit homes or offices.

"I am a senior hypnotherapist and have more than ten years experience both practising and teaching.  I am listed on the Hypnotherapy Directory, click here to see my profile."

Thinking about booking a hypnotherapy session?

As you are reading this you’ve obviously decided to use hypnotherapy to help yourself. What can you expect from us?

The first stage is for us to have a little chat on the phone to establish a protocol for you. How many sessions you will need depends on the reason for treatment.

For example, smoking cessation usually requires two sessions but for phobias 3 or 4 sessions would be needed. Everyone is different and everyone responds in their own way.

You may be asking yourself, will I go under? Everyone is able to go into trance; it’s enjoyable and relaxing but also extremely effective. Once in trance we do some work together to effect change, this is your time where your subconscious mind starts the process. To finish the trance session you’ll have an ego boost. We will then have a discussion which will decide the content of following sessions. The first session may be up to an hour and a half in duration, subsequent sessions around an hour. No set length of time is set as some people have the need to talk more, again all clients are different.

What ever the problem, we can help you…

Based in Pontardawe but other venues available including home visits.


Results are rapid, specific, and safe. We are fully qualified and CRB checked. We are here to improve you either by removing negatives or working to improve your positives in sport, business or private life. Our motto is

“Helping you be better’’

…and we will.


For clients who would like to try hypnotherapy, but who aren’t yet ready to book a session in person, we also offer audio downloads on our website for many of the common reasons people seek treatment.

While a session is always tailored to suit an individual, a download offers a unique way for clients to try hypnosis for themselves.  To try our downloads for yourself, please click here.


I offer hypnotherapy treatments in my Pontardawe clinic, just outside Swansea, as well as on-site treatments in your home or workplace across South Wales.  For on site treatments, you only need a quiet, private room with a comfortable chair.  To learn more, why not give me a call today: 07813 872019

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